From Frontier Science to Groundbreaking Innovation

Finding Order in Chaos

The World is inherently coevolutionary and complex. Therefore, its fundamental understanding, analysis, dynamic modelling and risk assessment call for the development and implementation of advanced scientific methodologies and technologies that discern complexity and unravel hidden predictability in seemingly unpredictable phenomena.

This calling has not gone unanswered. From the planetary core to the deep outer space, we develop, deploy and operate emerging technologies to enable “listening” to our planet – and making sense of its manifold “voices”. From fundamental mathematical physics to multi-sectorial modelling and hands-on decision support and action in complex theatres of operation, we cross scientific frontiers, develop cutting-edge technologies and enact groundbreaking innovation. We are the Meteoceanics Institute for Complex System Scienceseeing the ‘invisible’, predicting the ‘unpredictable’.

From Frontier Science to Cutting-Edge Development and Innovation

At the Meteoceanics Institute, we conduct a synergistic RDI (Research-Development-Innovation) system across interdisciplinary and multi-sectorial problems in Complex System Sciences encompassing: R) Fundamental and applied research; D) Methodological and technological developments; I) Product and service innovation.

In doing so, we provide a leading edge in groundbreaking scientific and technical solutions on coevolutionary dynamical system analytics, modelling, prediction, risk assessment and decision support for institutions operating in various sensitive sectors of activity, including environmental, naval, aerospace, energy, security, insurance and finance.

Academia Beyond Frontiers: Creating Knowledge, Spawning Innovation

At an academic level, our core activities range from the Interuniversity Chair in Physics of Complex Systems and Fluid Dynamical Systems to the Meteoceanics Doctoral School, with a synergistic link between frontier academic research and groundbreaking industry innovation. In doing so, our higher-education academic and training programs are available not only in-house and across partner universities but also as high-level professional training packages tailored to institutional and corporate needs.

From Innovative Methodologies to Cutting-Edge Technologies

New Frontiers in Complex System Dynamics

The scientific advances conducted in-house go beyond the traditional stochastic-dynamic and artificial intelligence paradigms in academic and industrial literature, to unveil hidden mechanisms and design frameworks for a better understanding, analysis and modelling of complex problems affecting our world and ways of life. That places us in an unrivalled position to empower decision makers with clear methodologies and solutions to problems that until recently were left to blind automation and unsettling chance.

Unravelling Hidden Predictability for Early Warnings and Decision Support

Our methods have special relevance to an early assessment and prediction of non-recurrent or unprecedented critical phenomena, which are unpredictable by classical nonlinear techniques. In doing so, we provide the understanding and predictability necessary to efficiently provide robust decision support to businesses, communities and agencies protecting the society and the environment.

Coherent Instrumentation Ecosystem from Undersea to Outer Space

This is further assisted by our fast-growing instrumentation ecosystem ranging from deep undersea to aerospace, orbital and deep space vehicles, their onboard equipments and scientific payloads, providing an independent, self-reliant and coherent multi-scale multi-domain operation ranging from sensing and communication to defence and security.

Our Science & Service departments and ventures such as the NORA and QITES Flagships edge further into unchartered waters of Earth and Space System Sciences for development of novel Technologies and Services to empower confident decision making in a complex world.

Expanding our Leading Edge in Science, Technology and Innovation

We conduct high-risk high-impact international RDI programs, ranging from fundamental research such as in our Flagship in Mathematical Physics and Predictability of Complex Coevolutionary Systems, to the development of future and emerging technologies such as in our QITES Flagship for Quantum Information Technologies in the Earth Sciences, and our more recently launched QuASI – Quantum Aerospace Systems Intelligence. Empowering research, development and innovation across the board.

Empowering Society with Frontier RDI

Robust Transition from Academia to Society

Our academic, research and development activities are further complemented with hands-on operation promoting cutting-edge scientific entrepreneurship along with sustainable development solutions aimed at helping local communities thrive, while helping nurture their natural and cultural heritage for generations to come.

One of the most sought-after societal demands to us encompasses long-term dynamically adaptive coevolutionary forecasting of extreme events and disruptive hazards in an ever-changing world, ranging from extreme storms, floods, heat waves, droughts, wildfires, to early warning assessment for earthquakes and tsunamis. On addressing these challenges we unveil hidden mechanisms and pave new predictability pathways to see beyond the frontiers of the state-of-the-art tools. This is crucial to provide robust anticipatory preparedness in terms of infrastructure and service optimisation, along with guidelines for strengthening socio-environmental resilience in the face of emerging challenges arising from the coevolution between society and nature.

Large-scale initiatives with multiscale relevance from global to local include our Flagship Synergistic Dynamics of Complex Socio-Natural Systems (click here for more details).