The Interdisciplinary Centre for Complex System Science and the Doctoral School of Complexity are institutional entities emerging from the professorial chair in Physics of Complex Systems & Fluid Dynamical Systems founded by Prof. Dr. Rui A. P. Perdigão.  The overarching umbrella Meteoceanics Institute for Complex System Science embodies a synergistic alliance between our academic, research and private sector endeavours.

The overall Academic-Research-Corporate triad is spatially distributed across Vienna (Austria), Brussels (Belgium) and Lisbon (Portugal), synergistically linking the academic chair with the research centre and the entrepreneurial activities to ensure fundamental scientific research, robust academic training and swift knowledge transfer to aptly address the pressing challenges of our society, our environment, our world.

Meteoceanics is independently incorporated in the European Union, thereby having legal institutional identity. This is crucial as it allows us to swiftly and independently make our own decisions and transactions in a fully transparent manner without the need to resort to third party host institutions.

This places us at a privileged position when compared to the typical academic research units. In fact, while they lack legal identity and thus rely on the legal structure of the university or some proxy foundation, we have full juridical existence to deal directly and transparently with any interested parties, and a financial edge by not having to distribute host institution overheads to feed their heavy bureaucratic machinery.

Our incorporation is chartered with special emphasis on the following activities:

  • Advanced Education in Science and Technology across the higher education system, including course design and implementation in university programs;
  • Research and development in mathematical, physical and natural sciences, develop and provide innovative scientific and technologic solutions for multiple sectors of activity, e.g.: energy, aerospace, aeronautic, meteorologic, geophysical, environmental, hydric, naval, marine, oceanographic;
  • Fundamental and applied scientific research in the aforementioned fields, including in cooperation with research universities and laboratories within and outside the EU;
  • Scientific and technologic consulting in the aforementioned sectors;
  • Development of methods and scientific products for the analysis, physical-chemical modelling and decision support in risk assessment and natural resource management;
  • Organization of scientific assemblies, conferences, meetings, fairs and workshops, along with scientific outreach and communication.

For more information, please feel free to contact us (links to inter university chair contact form).