Earth System Dynamic Intelligence

This page summarises, in plain language, the outline of the inaugural proceedings launching the Flagship on Earth System Dynamic Intelligence, and is its DOI landing page. The corresponding bibliographic citation (Crossref-indexed) is:

Perdigão, R.A.P. (2021): Earth System Dynamic Intelligence – ESDI.

Earth System Dynamic Intelligence (ESDI) entails developing and making innovative use of emerging concepts and pathways in mathematical geophysics, Earth System Dynamics, and information technologies to to sense, monitor, harness, analyze, model and fundamentally unveil dynamic understanding across the natural, social and technical geosciences, including the associated manifold multiscale multidomain processes, interactions and complexity, along with the associated predictability and uncertainty dynamics.

The ESDI Flagship initiative ignites the development, discussion and cross-fertilization of novel theoretical insights, methodological developments and geophysical applications across interdisciplinary mathematical, geophysical and information technological approaches towards a cross-cutting, mathematically sound, physically consistent, socially conscious and operationally effective Earth System Dynamic Intelligence.

Going beyond the well established stochastic-dynamic, information-theoretic, artificial intelligence, mechanistic and hybrid techniques, ESDI paves the way to exploratory and disruptive developments along emerging information physical intelligence pathways, and bridges fundamental and operational complex problem solving across frontier natural, social and technical geosciences.

Overall, the ESDI Flagship breeds a nascent field and community where methodological ingenuity and natural process understanding come together to shed light onto fundamental theoretical aspects to build innovative methodologies, products and services to tackle real-world challenges facing our planet.

This Flagship program also coevolves with our following initiatives: