Astrophysical weather, galactic and overall spacetime circulation regimes and extremes, military-grade satellite hardware and software product development, deployment and operation for monitoring and assisting in the early detection and prediction of geophysical and astrophysical phenomena with special emphasis on geo and astrophysical hazards. Big data analytics, model design and decision support in the aforementioned domains. Taking the mathematical physics of complex system dynamics beyond the limits of relativity and quantum mechanics, to unleash a new era of scientific discovery, engineering development, architectural and solution design and implementation for generations to come.

This is M-Spacetimes, designing spaces, triggering times, coevolving spacetimes beyond frontiers.

From frontier research, innovation and product development to knowledge transfer and deployment on civil and military theatres of operation alike, places us in an unrivalled position to meet pressing challenges ranging from geopolitical tensions to geophysical hazards and civil and environmental protection.

With our proprietary stealth sensing solutions under the sea, over land and high up in the skies, M-Spacetimes provides comprehensive coverage to multiscale multi-domain Earth System Dynamics, thereby ensuring a self-reliant proprietary ecosystem-of-systems information acquisition, processing and deployment in a coherent articulate manner.

Our clients include leading international, national and corporate entities, especially those focused on aerospace, naval, telecommunications, environment, security and insurance.