Prediction & Decision Support

Meteoceanics PDS provides in-depth diagnostic and prognostic assessments of geophysical, ecologic, public health and financial conditions and risks relevant to a thoroughly informed planning for environmentally-dependent and other sensitive sectors of activity including transportation, tourism, agriculture, forestry, wildfires, urban planning, sustainable development, health care, financial planning and security.

For instance, as far as atmospheric modelling is concerned, while high-quality short-term weather forecasts are widely available by weather centres, longer-term assessments are rather elusive, often being provided in low-resolution probabilistic form. This is due to the inherent complexity of atmospheric dynamics and their interplay within the Earth System, rendering most models of limited practical use.

At Meteoceanics we harness a deep vault of nonlinear dynamic predictability to develop cutting-edge scientific models for advance system dynamic assessment and decision support. For that purpose, we unfold and implement advanced methodologies with the highest scientific standards, validated by world-class publications and enhanced by our leading edge in intellectual property.

In doing so, we provide our customers with detailed reports documenting, with several months of lead time, socio-environmental dynamics, including non-recurring financial and health system dynamics, along with traditional environmental long-term forecasts for atmospheric, oceanic, biogeophysical, fire risk and broader environmental conditions along the planned theatres of operation, travel routes and destinations. An online application is further provided to update the customer with any further information on the go.

Corporate consulting, reporting packages, decision support tools and instrumentation are available to provide support to various governmental and private entities including civil protection agencies, defence agencies, aerospace and naval navigation services, traffic operators, fire brigades, forestry and agricultural management operators, hotels, airlines, travel agencies, tour operators, agricultural operators, hospitals, insurers, financial institutions, among others.