The following publications include only the in-house academic and scientific output under our direct publishing/hosting responsibility at Meteoceanics.

Our DOI references are internationally indexed by Crossref and point to landing pages in our hosting platforms. To double-check any DOI, you may visit  and manually insert the code e.g. 10.46337/mdsc.5091.

Research Monographs on Dynamical Systems and Complexity (M-DSC):

  • Perdigão R.A.P. (2017): Fluid Dynamical Systems: from Quantum Gravitation to Thermodynamic Cosmology.
  • Perdigão R.A.P. (2018): Synergistic Dynamic Theory of Complex Coevolutionary Systems.
  • Perdigão R.A.P., Pires C.AL., & Hall J. (2019): Disentangling Nonlinear Spatiotemporal Controls on Precipitation: Dynamical Source Analysis and Predictability.
  • Perdigão R.A.P. (2020): Synergistic Dynamic Causation and Prediction in Coevolutionary Spacetimes.
  • Perdigão R.A.P. (2021). Quantum Technologies in the Earth and Space Sciences.

Pedagogic Monographs on M-DSC (since 2019):

Major Scientific Reports (since 2018):

  • Perdigão R.A.P., Pires C.A.L. & Hall J. (2018): Nonlinear Dynamics and Predictability of Non-Ergodic Synergistic Emergence in Complex Coevolutionary Systems.
  • Perdigão R.A.P. (2019): Non-Ergodic Information Physics from Quantum to Biogeophysical Complexity: Unveiling Hidden Predictability Beyond Memory Collapse.
  • Perdigão R.A.P. (2020): Information Physics: Closing Gaps, Opening Perspectives.
  • Perdigão R.A.P.; Hall J.; & Schwemmlein K. (2020): Polyadic Dynamic Nexus among Complex Socio-Environmental Systems: from Earth System Dynamics to Sustainable Development.
  • Perdigão R.A.P. (2020): Black Swan Information Physics: Seeing the Invisible, Predicting the Unpredictable.
  • Perdigão, R.A.P. (2020): Information Physical Artificial Intelligence in Complex System Dynamics: Breaking Frontiers in Nonlinear Analytics, Model Design and Socio-Environmental Decision Support in a Coevolutionary World.
  • Perdigão, R.A.P. & Hall, J. (2020): Wildfire System Dynamics under Socio-Environmental Coevolution in a Changing Climate.
  • Perdigão R. A. P.; Hall J. (2020): Spatiotemporal Causality and Predictability Beyond Recurrence Collapse in Complex Coevolutionary Systems.
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Academic Report Series:

  • Information Physics and Complexity 2019 counts with a selection of invited and contributed original scholarly articles submitted to us between 2018 and 2019 and edited by R. Perdigão. (Processing)
  • IDAMD Academic Reports 2020 counts with a selection of the best peer-reviewed original scholarly reports submitted by participants in the IDAMD Fall-Winter 2019/20 course edition and edited by R. Perdigão. (Processing)
  • CSD Academic Reports 2020 is currently open for submissions in parallel with the running Spring-Summer semester. It will feature a selection of original scholarly research contributions from our doctoral programs, along with submissions from external contributors made until June 30th, 2020. Edited by R. Perdigão and J. Hall. (Processing)
  • CCS Academic Reports 2020 features an upcoming selection of scholarly reports submitted to the Doctoral Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies (ULisboa, UNova & East Anglia). (Processing)

The list is currently being updated.